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About Ray's Muaythai Gym
Ray's Muaythai Gym was founded 15 years, during the years, it has training huge number of excellent Muay Thai athletes. Our object is promoting Muay Thai for various people from different segments and ages. Muay Thai is well known as relentless, accurate and powerful, after training, it could improve the extraordinary response and clear minds which result Muay Thai could stand firmly in the fighting ring and gradually extended to the universal.
The founder Ray master, learning Muay Thai over 20 years. Based on the knowledge and experience, master Ray study the improvement of the originally difficult, he provides tuning the numerous Muay Thai athletes, and more the students more easily to understand. By going though the professional advice, students could benefit more efficiency training.
Master Ray led the Hong Kong Muay Thai team set off to Australia, Thailand and led the team to win numbers of medals. One of the outstanding students V Venus, she is the only championship of three consecutive years in 45kg, 48kg and 51kg female boxing champion. Also, Venus represented Hong Kong Muay Thai team to attend IFMA World Muay Thai Championship and obtain a silver medal.
If you want to experience the excitement and fitness from practicing Muay Thai, come to Ray's Muaythai Gym for registration!

Comprehensive Facilities
Ray's Muaythai Gym is located in Prince Edward, only takes 2 minutes walking from Prince Edward MTR station and it just next to Mong Kok Flower Market.
Our center has over 3,000 square feet with difference facilities, such as standard ring, sandbags, fist targets, and weightlifting equipment for training purpose. We are not only providing fitness equipment, but also providing professional instructors advice which result the effect of cultivating fitness.
Besides spacious and comfortable practice are, we also allocated resting area for students enjoy a comfortable environment before and after exercise. As we understand members could have different social live; hence, we provide well-equipped changing room and bathroom equipment; not only hot and cold water bath, but also dressing room with lockers which provided a fully support for students no matter going to work or enjoying leisure activities after training.
All our instructors are very professional, all of them obtain professional Muay Thai coaching certificate. Master Ray is our chief coach, he is the leader and coach of Hong Kong Muay Thai team with over 10 years experience. On the other hand, we have the best women's coach in our team, including Venus, the only female with three consecutive champion of 45kg, 48kg and 51kg level; Also, Suki is the champion of 48kg in year 2011.